Fishread for the holidays


These are some of the you tube videos and overviews for the fish you will need to put the www. In front of links below

​This is the pattern of the fish!

Bottom left is Earth/negative/weakness

Top Left Heaven/positive/strength

Take Action Now AUDIO CHAPTER New book coming out with Bob Proctor from the movie The Secret put http:// and then the link

Believe, think, know and feel

Ready, willing and able

Know when, where, how and why

I have the creator’s definition of__________________

From every direction, depth, height and angle, here and now___________________________

Below you can load those with good OR are negative item statements: like 100percent health or Cancer, ideal weight, HIV, Migraines etc………..

I have_______________(if yes, fish to NO)

I have learned all the lessons that I needed to from_________________(_if no fish to yes___)

Having ____________________still serves me (if yes Fish to No)

you want to get How to heal yourself and others now and The Tackle Box from the book section of my website

it is in PDF, Kindle or book format. After getting that, read the last chapter as it is the most important! My Liquid Fish

THEN………….read over all below and schedule a session so that we can go over how to use it to YOUR advantage.

Have that book? Get The Tackle Box from my book store and read it….it is in PDF, Kindle OR paper back!

Please know that I am here to help/contribute/guide you in any way that I can in person, phone or Skype. All below is a gift to you just for being YOU! Let me know when you would like to schedule an instructional session to work on it!


Due North


Point towards the wall like “Hey look @ that whale!”

Bottom left is Earth, Negative, Weakness and move your pointing finger

Bottom left to middle back of fish, face of fish, under belly, cross original line wind up top left wall

REVERSE that movement to bring in the good stuff, Heaven, Positive Strength

I am clear (needs to be fished to yes if not already) if it is already leave it alone!

I am unclear (needs to be no if not already) if it is no already do nothing and move on!

I am running forward (needs to be yes if not already) if no, fish to yes, if yes keep moving!

also go to www.myliquidfish dot com

Signature below @ the bottom… Are 3 links …all are FREE Video/Audio shows that will help YOU!

FIRST link below is to the store where you can get all the books and Audio MP3’s

Jimmy Mack V 727.678.0557 Skype: Jimmy.Mack55 Clearwater Florida USA

New Audio MP3 Downloads and Books to improve your life!

Psalms 107:20 He sent his word, and healed them

Transformational Healing of Body, Mind and Spirit, People, Places, Pets and Situations!

My Liquid Fish ® “Change Made Simple” ®

John 21:6 Cast your nets to the right side of the boat


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